Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prezi, Prezi, Prezi ...

Have you seen a presentation done using Prezi?

Have you thought about trying to create using Prezi?

According to Steve Johnson in Digital Tools for Teaching:
Prezi is a radically new way to thinking about traditional presentations. It allows you to do the normal things you expect, like adding text, images, video, etc,. but it executes them in exciting formats. Think of your presentation as a giant, three-dimensional map of information separated into scattered sections. Prezi allows you to create these sections of information at different angles and "zooms" from section to section.
In other words, instead of clicking from slide to slide like a traditional presentation, in Prezi you'll zoom from section to section as you present content. The effect is a sharp-looking presentation that will make your audience stop and take notice.

I know that for me one of the best ways to learn what is possible with a new creation tool is to look at things created with that tool. That way you will get some ideas of what is possible, maybe some things you want to copy, and possibly some thing you want to avoid.

Prezi provides an excellent way to do that with various prezis found on the Explore Tab on the Prezi site. Also on the Explore Tab, you can find reusable prezis. You can make a copy of the prezi and then change the information to make it your own. On the Learn Tab, you can find simple instructions to view as well as "cheat sheets" for you to use.

Here is a nice Prezi that I found on how Prezi can be used to teach skills:

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