Friday, May 6, 2011

Math resources ....

I was just looking around on twitter when a few tweets that were sharing great resources caught my attention. I noticed they shared the same hashtag ... #4thchat.

I started looking more and quickly realized why those resources captured my attention ... I had just found 4th grade teachers sharing resources and ideas! I taught 4th grade for years and tend to gravitate towards those resources.

There is a wiki set up to collect the resources shared in these chats. So far there are categories for Brain Breaks, Grouping Strategies, 21st Century Tools, and Writing Strategies. The topic that night was Math Instruction.

Here are some of the resources that caught my attention:
  • Stewart 4th Grade Online Resource Wiki - Math Page
I think that many of the resources and site shared on the #4thchat are great for students even if they are not in the the 4th grade yet or still ...

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