Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Tips

I found a blog that (right now) has 22 Promethean Quick Tips for the Promethean ActivBoards. Although many of the first ideas are specifically for ActivBoards, there are some resources towards the end for all interactive whiteboard and just for learning in general. These quick tips can be found on the iLearnTechnology Blog which is focused on integrating technology in the classroom. When Kelly writes each post, she gives a description of the tool or idea she is sharing and then lists several ways it can be used in a classroom.

Here is a list of the Quick Tips on this blog:
1. Making Text Interactive
2. Drag a Copy
3. Downloading Resource Packs
4. Adding Resources to the Resource Library
5. Using Magic Ink
6. Inserting Activity Pages
7. Using Layers
8. Subscribing to ActivTips
9. Adding Popup Labels to Objects
10. Using Wordle
11. Using Drag and Drop Actions.
12. Wallwisher
13. Container-Specific Objects
14. Scribble Maps
15. Containers with Keywords
16. Fotobabble
17. Building Anticipation with the Zimmer Twins
18. Geo Greetings
19. Jeopardy Labs
20.Teacher Led IWB
21. Triptico e-Learning Resources
22. Google Readers


  1. We love Kelly's blog, iLearn Technology, too! Glad you found Fotobabble. One of the great things about all the new Web2.0 resources for the classroom is combining them. Check out this blog that uses embedded Fotobabbles to show & tell students' lunches in two different classes: http://collaboration-corner.blogspot.com/p/project-1-whats-in-your-lunchbox.html

    All the best,

    Zoe from Fotobabble

  2. That is a great project! Thanks Zoe!