Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't let fear of failure stand in the way ...

Elizabeth Peterson wrote a blog post called Face Your Fears of Art Integration. In that post, she listed 4 common fears about art integration that she hears from teachers and her suggestions for overcoming or dealing with those fears. I wrote a blog post previously saying that I felt like many of these same "fears" also applied to technology integration. (Part of me thinks of these "fears" as excuses or reasons for not even trying.)
  • Fear #1 – I’m not an artist.
  • Fear #2 – The TEST is what I need to focus on.
  • Fear #3 – My administration/colleagues will think what I’m doing is foolish.
  • Fear #4 – I will make mistakes.
I decided to write a blog post series about how these fears relate to technology. Here is what I have written so far:
Since I am going to address the 4th fear in this blog post, this is more than likely be the end of this blog series (but you never know since I might decide to add more). Let me just start off by saying that when you start using technology, YES you will make mistakes. We will just state that fact so nobody has to worry about it anymore.

I have been known as a perfectionist, so knowing that I was going to make a mistake could have stopped me from even trying, but it didn't. I have figured out what to do when I make a mistake ... I make whatever happens seem positive. I adjust the plans and go with the flow (now as someone who liked to have everything well-planned in advanced and things go according to schedule, this is a major step for me).

Sometimes I hit the wrong button, but hitting the wrong button could make something happen. Nothing may happen when I may try to open a file or project I have attempted to save, but I will either learn how to save those files in the future or come up with a different way to complete that assignment that does not require those files. A little creativity and critical thinking can help me see the positives in most situation.

Don't get me wrong, it is frustrating to make mistakes, but the fear of failure would prevent me from ever feeling the enjoyment of success.

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