Thursday, September 16, 2010


I think one of the neat things on twitter is #edchat and all the topic specific chat that have created t go along with it. Many wonderful resources for teachers are shared on twitter using these hashtags (# followed by a word or group of letters). There is a chat specifically for new teachers (#ntchat). I am not a new teacher and love all the resources and idea being shared using that hashtag. I added a box to the sidebar of this blog to show the many tweets with the #ntchat hashtag (thanks @web20classroom for your help with that project ... that is Steven Anderson who just joined our department).
There will soon be some online Twitter for Teacher classes offered in our county. You can also find a list of the various specific chats (like #ellchat, #engchat, #scichat, #gtchat ....) at this page by T @cybraryman1 "My Ed Chats page" He also shares great resources and lists.
*by the way, our school system has a hashtag also (#wsfcs)

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